KW-896 ﹛Mini Kneading Massager with Heat

1.Mini kneading massager
2.Rolling forward & backward
3.With heat light when rolling forward
4.DC12V switching power and cigarette lighter supplied
5.Using at back, neck, leg, stomach or any other positions you want
6.Easy to use at home, office or car


KW-709 Heating Back Massage Pillow

1.Super thin design
2.8pcs rolling massage heads with heat rolling
3.Forward & backward rolling
4.DC12V switching power and cigarette lighter supplied
5.Easy to use at home, office or car


KW-701D Neck & Back Massage Cushion

1.4 groups/12pcs massage heads with heat kneading on back
2.Kneading massage on back when rolling forward
3.Pounding massage on back when rolling reversely
4.2pcs heads Kneading massage on neck
5.The neck part can be ascended or descended to your comfortable massage positions
6.DC12V switching power and cigarette lighter supplied
7.Easy to use at home, office or car
8.Can printing Chinese stylish pattern


KW-705: Multi-Functions Back Cushion

1.8 pieces massage heads rolling
2.Micro-computerized controlling system
3.To relieve lumbar discomfort and backaches
4.Alleviate chronic strain of lumbar muscles.
5.Convenient to use at home and office with a reliable AC 220V.


KW-708ㄩPounding Massage Pillow

1.10 kinds pounding massage modes available
2.4 massage heads pounding
3.Cute apple design with soft material
4.Comfortable LED controller
5.Far infrared heat therapy
6.Pounding massage intensity adjustable
7.To relieve and relax fatigued back and lumbar muscles after long time office work.


KW-728: Kneading Massage Cushion/ DC12Vor AC220V

1.Elegant appearance and comfortable PU leather
2.Eliminate fatigue and help to cure chronic strain of lumbar muscles in back and neck.
3.lmprove blood circulation and keep healthy
4.4 massage heads rolling forward and backward
5.Low and High switching button if required
6.Kneading and Shiatsu massage available
7.DC 12V for using at home or office ( 12V adapter & car lighter)
8. AC220V/110V as customers requirement