KW-898 Multi-functional Office Massage Chair

1.Full-auto rotatable 90-130∼while massaging
2.Smart IC control, seat, back and handle all adjustable
3.Three massage modes and intensities selectable
4.Over-heat protecting function
5.Max bearing 200kgs, no noise, smooth and safe operation

♂ Deep rolling up and down kneading massage
♂ Releases tension, keeps body healthy
♂ Unique U-shaped design, relax legs
♂ Suitable for office and home use


KW-898B Advanced Multi-functional Swing Massage chair

1.Easier controller operated
2.2pcs massage heads rolling forward and backward on neck-head part
3.2 heating balls at neck
4.4 groups/8pcs massage heads kneading forward & backward on the back
5.High/Low intensity vibration on the seat
6.Unique swing left & right
7.The chair can be ascended or descended
8.Back part can be adjusted for you to lie on the chair comfortably
9.Supplied a small pillow on the neck to support your neck
10.Intergration of massage, leisure and office chair


KW-820﹛Back-waist Massage Office Chair

1.Massage function combined with traditional office chair, helps to release the fatigue
of back & waist muscle from long time work, makes your work much easier
2.Four heads kneading massage, powered with DC 12V adaptor
3.A variety of types of chair available, OEM available



KW-H06 Deluxe Multi functional Massage Chair

1.R-style modern design
2.Sound & lighting guid, music synchronous
3.New six wheels massage mechanism goes up & down
4.Two layer airbags on both sides of seat
5.Heating in feet and waist
6.Double controllers and VFD screen
7.Intelligent sensing function


KW-H07 Deluxe Multi-functional Massage Chair

1.Streamlined & elegant appearance
2.New model six wheels driving, long massage distance
3.T-style airbags allocation suits your body shape
4.Remote control for full functions massaging cozily
5.New voiceless design with no noise massage
6.Calf frame extended horizontally



KW-6388 Luxury Massage Chair

LCD display commands with EL lighting
Auto/manual function
A quiet designed quad-roller humanized massage hands travel up and down at backrest
Acupuncture , kneading, patting, knocking & sychronized massage breadth modulation
Designate massage zone and massage location on back
6 massage modes
Adjust kneading and airbag pressre intensity
2 airbags, 2 vibration perform on buttock & thighs
8 airbags, 2 vibration, pressing & smooth heat perform on calves and feet
Auto time setting is 5-30 minutes
Automatic asending and descending backrest and leg rest